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I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia in February of 1986. That makes me 32 years old and in that time I have experienced little outside of Nova Scotia. I have traveled to some other provinces and only two other countries, so I suppose that puts this travel blog in the category of “inexperienced.” That fact may be the laughable part of all of this. I want to write to you about my province and encourage you to come and experience it, but I’m 32 years old and only recently have I decided to do that for myself.

Like most who’ll read this, I work for a living. That means, if you are like me, you are tethered to a part of the world that you call home and you likely call it that because that’s where you need to go to work. I can think of nothing more seductive than creating for myself a career where all of my beautiful province we call Nova Scotia can become the anchor from which I bring the parts of my home, that I find most intoxicating, to you.

Some of that will invariably include the types of things you already know about Nova Scotia: The Cabot Trail, Peggy’s Cove and the Halifax waterfront. But I hope still more will be like one of the 150 still operational lighthouses in our province, illuminating an area of the coast you may have never considered before.

For me, this experience has just begun. It is likely that if you are already a fan of Nova Scotia and not a native of this part of the world, that you already know more than me about my own backyard. But I think that’s the point of all this. 

Recently and for a long time before that, I like many of you, have been over consumed by the technologies of smart phones and social media. I feel swept up in it and taken away, powerless to halt the influence of where communication technology is taking us all. For a long time I have been troubled by the fact that my impact in the world at 32 is not significantly greater than it was at 22, or 12 for that matter, and I am projecting forward to 82 when I can look back and expect to see a life lived, hopefully well, but to little consequence to most around the world.

But about 2 weeks ago I decided, on the advice of a “you can do it” motivational video I was watching, that I wasn’t going to try to change the world anymore. That approach has arrested my motion and spelled the steady gaining of 5 pounds a year since I was 25. I think instead its time to try something new. I think its time I experience what it is I have here and in the now and share it with those who are interested.

Is it a journey? Nah, I’m not going anywhere. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’m already where I want to be. Now I’m going to experience it for myself and maybe soon you’ll want to as well.

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